KNMF Museum

Our Mission is to build a national museum in New Orleans, Louisiana to provide a place to honor those who perished in Hurricane Katrina, remember and learn from the catastrophe, and celebrate the strength of the survivors and those who came to help rebuild. In creating this international destination we will establish a system of apprenticeship and mentoring for the youth of New Orleans in the building and landscape trades, while using cutting-edge “green” technologies. Our vision is to construct the first LEED Certified Platinum museum of it’s kind in America. This mission was adopted on the 15, June @007, by  the Board of Directors of the, Katrina National Memorial Park Charitable Foundation.


Reaching Out to Those Who Have Recently Submitted Names of Deceased and Missing

The Katrina National Memorial Foundation Museum proposes to increase awareness.Every New Orleans resident Knows Somebody Among Approximately 10,000 Names on the Katrina List in the Katrina National Memorial Museum.For this reason, every New Orleans citizen should Know that the list exists.some of those names are of victins who never lived to tell their families that they gave contact information to the museum founder,R.Omar Casimire. The museum also has pictures and videos of Katrina victims who were unable to evacuate the city.

Hurricane Katrina Deceased-Victims List

For the past few months, we have been working to contact those who recently submitted names of those who died or have been missing since Katrina. We would like to take a moment to acknowledge our Columbia University student volunteers who are helping with this effort: Andrea Basche, Michelle Condroy, Nick Dahlheim, Stephanie Goetz, Justin Mankin, Jessica Rosen, Lucy Stowe, and Jennifer Yum. We couldn’t do this without you.

If you are aware of anyone who should be on the List but is not already, please submit their names and any information you can share to:  Thank you.

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